Sunbreak, the family van, was designed for a family of four (mom, dad, and their two boys) with the intention of taking off for months at a time to travel the country. Their dually Sprinter 170 4×4 will be towing a 45 foot trailer for extended living periods, and be used more for long drives, day trips, and short overnight trips. They wanted comfortable seating for long drives, an easy to access area for making smoothies on the road, and sleeping for four in a pinch. 

Typically we do not recommend a lot of windows for camper vans, as they let in a lot of temperature, but given this van’s purpose for long drives, the windows will allow for excellent scenic views.

The Captain’s chairs are equipped with their own individual tables that easily swivel out of the way to move around the cabin. Each table has ample space for activities, as well as cup holders for the boys.

One of the design challenges in this space was incorporating a kitchen galley that would store two pull out ENGL refrigerator coolers, have a dedicated space for a Vitamix, and leave them plenty of space to move around in the van. Our client’s idea was to have a diner style galley in front of the bed. We incorporated a modular maple live edge counter top, where the center portion stores away when not in use to provide easy access to the bed space.

In the rear of the van, there is a modular king sized bed platform, that can be removed for extra storage. In the ceiling, there are hammock attachments for extra sleeping possibilities.

The ending result was a light and airy van conversion with many modular uses. This family will be able to take off for months at a time, with a cozy place to nap and make snacks in between outdoor activities and museum day trips. We are so excited to hear about their adventures, and will be sure to keep you all updated! You can learn more about the features included in the van in our project gallery.