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Based out of Bellingham, WA, we are a van conversion company here to enable the off-grid lifestyle. Bring us your Sprinter, Transit, or Promaster, and let’s set you up with the ideal freedom van for your adventures.

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Our projects are a collaboration between our team and our clients to create the perfect van for their needs. Explore our completed van conversions for inspiration to customize your own adventure van.


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Van building takes a lot of time, research, and energy every step of the way. Our shop makes this easier by offering you informational resources and products we use and trust.

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Bellingham Area: Living in your Van

The difficulty behind living in your van is a hushed subject as it is still an uncommon path for those who chose to reduce their responsibilities of property, and more so for those who did not have a choice. Whatever the situation is, we recognize that the gravity of...
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Bellingham 2018 Summer Van Rally

Join us for our 2018 Van Rally! Summertime is almost here. Celebrate it with us at our second annual van rally, to be located at our shop in Bellingham. Kombucha Town has partnered with us to provide free beverages for this free event, all for the love of our van...
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How to Win the Battle with Condensation

Why do we care about condensation?Here at Freedom Vans, many of our clients are based out of the Pacific Northwest and endure the consistent humidity and resulting van condensation, so much that we thought we would throw in our two cents into the...
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Make the most of your Bellingham visit

There is a reason why we chose to locate our shop in Bellingham. It’s small enough to feel unencumbered with city-life anxieties yet large enough that there is at least one Pho restaurant within two miles of you. We love this town with all of its complex social...
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Bellingham Commercial Street Night Market Van Rally

Bellingham Commercial Night Market Van conversion rally We had a fantastic time mingling with the Bellingham community at the Commercial Street Night Market Van Rally! This market was graciously planned and executed by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. We wanted to...
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The Land Yacht: Craft is Attention to Detail

Andrew approached us with an idea: how about a uniquely crafted van that will take him to a pretty decent surf spot, like Baja California. The van just needed to be a comfortable and simple place to sleep between the exciting moments of surfing, with room for his...
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Transition Bikes Demo Van by Freedom Vans

Welcome to our latest build- a demo van set up for bike races and events. Lots of new features in this van, including folding shelves, underfloor storage, and a partition wall with a sliding door. The wall panels are 1/4" plywood with a polyurethane-based boat paint...
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We are made in Bellingham, Washington. The last two months have been full of exciting changes for Freedom Vans. Our love for Van Life endlessly inspires us and we are pumped on many new ideas and projects in the works. When we first set out to promote the Freedom...
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Is the Diesel Air Cabin Heater Right for You?

Traveling in Colorado last winter, Tom and I discussed many different heater options. Fortunately, the 2007 Sprinter van that we have has a feature that will heat the cabin after you turn off the engine, as long as the engine is still warm. This lasts about 30-40...
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How to Choose the Perfect Van

How to Choose the Perfect Van One of the most popular questions we receive is, “What should I look for in choosing my van?” There are so many shapes, sizes, and features in vans these days, it can be challenging to narrow it down to the perfect van for you. Each...
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