the ‘Fred’ van, built in 2019

“The guidance (both big and small) you gave us during the build process was invaluable and resulted what we think is the perfect build. The attention to detail really stands out over time and has not gone unnoticed.”

Hi Tom and Kyleigh,

It’s been about a year since we picked up our completed van, “Fred”. In that time we have spent about 3 months in the van (long trip in CO, long trip in Baja and numerous shorter trips)In short, we could not be any happier and love everything about it!  We came to you with a dream build wish list and you made it a reality balancing form and function.  The guidance (both big and small) you gave us during the build process was invaluable and resulted what we think is the perfect build. The attention to detail really stands out over time and has not gone unnoticed.  The more time we spend in Fred the more we love it.    

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things, but some of the things we love are:
  • The insulation is amazing.  We are comfortable even when temps approach the extreme.
  • The venting setup (placement of the Maxxair over the bed, the incoming vent in under the van – brilliant).  AC is not necessary.
  • Your recommendation of going as electric as possible.  Love not dealing with propane.
  • Color choices and finish are perfect.  The brick…we know it’s polarizing on the Youtube channel, but we love it.
  • The insulated “privacy curtains” in front and back.  Tell everyone they need these.  They make things so cozy and really block the heat/cold.  The quality of the insulated curtains is fantastic.
  • The over the driver storage…our specs were “can you make better use of this area?” and you gave us an attractive space that provides 30% more storage and integrates subtly with the privacy curtain. And it’s attractive.
  • Upgrading the suspension…fantastic.  The van drives great both on/off road.
  • Again we wanted it all…a full size bed, work/eating area and a biggish galley.  And you did it.  And, the ergonomics just work work in every way (feet don’t dangle when sitting, space to sit).  We just marvel at that.
  • And the garage.  You asked for measurements for our larger stuff and everything just fits perfectly.  The shelving is amazing.  We haul a ton of stuff, but everything has it’s place.
  • The construction is top-rate…there’s very little noise when we drive.
We could go on.  Just want you to know how happy we are.  Thank you very much for making our dream come true.
greg and lourdes”

“…friendly, genuine, and all out stoked to facilitate making my #vanlife dream come true.”

The “Amelia’ Van, built in 2016

“So I had this dream to live in a van. After researching multiple options for a van build contractor, I thought my dream had ended. Then I found Freedomvans’ blog and phone number and gave Tom a call. From the moment he answered my call, Tom was friendly, genuine, and all out stoked to facilitate making my #vanlife dream come true. Where the other contractors were limiting, Tom was able to transfer my laundry list of van build concepts into feasible design, for a reasonable price. Tom’s background and confidence in solar panels assured me the power system he would build would withstand the grayness of the Pacific Northwest’s moody weather. Impressively, my van turned out everything I hoped for and more. I have only used shorepower one time in the last 2 months! Tom’s attention to detail and ability to put concepts into reality is amazing! I will definitely continue to have Tom update and upgrade my van as more ideas unfold. Freedom Vans can take your van dreams where you want them to go, whether a minimal toy hauler build or a luxurious van home.”

– Dana Sperle

“…make my van’s custom needs a reality”


“My Freedom Van is a game changer, I couldn’t be much happier. Before you buy a van, your mind wanders and dreams of all the ways the inside can be built out.  In my case, I didn’t need the typical build which usually seems to include some combination of a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Because I am a small business owner and work as a sales rep in the winter and summer sports industry, I needed something different.  My 2016 Sprinter Crew 4×4 needs to hold 40-50 pairs of skis at times, 4-5 bikes inside at other times, and sometimes I need it haul more boxes then 2 large trucks can hold.  In other words, my van needed to have the freedom of being modular.
Fortunately (as I was over thinking all the possibilities) I met a guy who had a Freedom Van.  At first I was impressed with the fit and finish of his build out (which he uses to travel to bike and triathlon races throughout the country).  I became fully hooked when I spoke with Tom and realized he could make my van’s custom needs a reality.
Tom finished my van on time and at just the right moment as my work season reached a crazy pace. It has already been used in the many different configurations mentioned above.  It works just the way I had hoped it would and and I’m beyond happy that Tom was able to create what I needed.
What I haven’t mentioned is that I work as hard as I play.  While the back 2/3rd of the van is basically a modular garage/delivery vehicle, the front 1/3 is a mobile locker room/mobile office.  I can’t describe how nice the front of my van is.  Tom re-mounted the crew seat a foot or two farther back, built a beautiful cabinet to house a fridge, installed a power inverter, put the front seats on swivels, installed some door grab handles, insulated the walls, created magnetic window covers and blew my mind with an easily removable bulkhead. In other words, it doesn’t matter where I am, I have my own food, I can power all my electronic devices, I feel safe and secure, all while running a business or getting ready to ski or ride my bike.
I asked Tom and Kyleigh where they got the name Freedom Vans.  The answer is now obvious to me but in case it isn’t clear, Tom and Kyleigh build vans that give your business and or lifestyle a freedom you never realized a vehicle could bring.
I’m a big fan of Freedom Vans and definitely recommend their service.”

-Rob Furtney


The “Baja’ Van, built in 2018

“We just returned from 5000 miles and 40 days in our Promaster. The team at Freedom Vans created an amazing off-grid surf van that worked brilliantly.  Hot showers, ice cream and cooking with an instant pot on the deserted beaches of Baja;  my wife and I could not be more pleased.  We had an idea of what we wanted and the team at Freedom Vans helped us discover what was possible.  Great ideas, amazing craftsman and good vibes.  Thanks again Kyleigh, Tom and the entire team.”

– Kent Anderson, 2019

Freedom Vans was founded on the  f r e e d o m  of the off grid lifestyle