Van Build Process

Interested in a van conversion? Because our van conversions are specially tailored for each of our clients, the process and experience are also customized. Here is a general idea of how it works and what you can expect.


Step 1: Meet and Greet

We would love to talk to you about your ideas and needs for your van! Email us, call us, or fill out the van conversion inquiry form on our “contact” page to tell us about your current situation and ask us any questions that you may have about Freedom Vans. Are you looking for a van or do you already have one? What type of van are you interested in? Have you seen other vans that inspire you? In this first stage, we want to get to know you and the ideas you have for your project. Any information you have to share with us is helpful for us in the next stage, design.



Spec Layouts – February 2024

Custom Conversions – February 2024

Phase 1 conversions – February 2024

Single services – October 2023

Shop Tours


Our shop is closed to drop ins, as we are hard at work building our client’s dream vans. We would love to meet with you at a scheduled time when we can give you our full, undivided attention. Please reach out to us via email or the inquiry form on our contact page to schedule a private tour at your convenience. We are available Monday through Thursday for these tours.


Step 2: Reserve your spot

Production Reservations: We will schedule a phone call to review details of your project and decide if we are the upfitters for you. If it is a fit, then you will make a $1,500 deposit to reserve our next production spot (90% refundable up to 6 months prior to the start of the build date). About 2-3 months before the project is set to begin, we will get started on your design and itemized estimate.


Spec Layouts – February 2024
Custom Conversions – February 2024
Phase 1 conversions – February 2024
Single services – October 2023

Phase 1

Phase 1 projects (Insulation, paneling, solar power system, bed platform, and lighting) typically cost between $40k-$80k *depending on material choices and wheel base.


Short wheel bases

Short wheel bases (144″ Sprinter or the Short Ford Transit) generally range between $80k-$150k+ for a full conversion. (*depending on the materials and wheelbase)


Long wheel bases

Long wheel bases (170 Sprinter or Long / Extended Ford Transit) between $100k-$225k+ for a full conversion. (*depending on the materials and wheelbase)



Estimating & Customization
Of course, because the work is so custom, pricing for your conversion will really depend on the materials and features that you are interested in. Once we hear more about your ideas, needs, wants, and desires, we can give you a rough ballpark estimate. 



Spec Layouts – February 2024
Full conversions – February 2024
Phase 1 conversions – February 2024
Single services – October 2023


Step 3: Design Layout

By Step 3, you have reserved the production spot, and it’s time to get to work creating your layout and working out the specifics. Some of our clients have specific layouts in mind, or choose from previous layouts that we have built. Others have a wish list, and we work with this list to design a layout option that works best for their needs.

If you’ve decided on a custom build, we start this process by sending over a workbook for the layout and materials for you to fill out. This is a great spot to check off everything that you want in your van. You can also add any links to videos or components that your would like for us to take a look at.

If you’ve decided to go with one of our spec layout options, we will still have a design call to answer any questions and fine tune your options. The process is very similar, albeit more straight forward and efficient.

For materials, we recommend ordering samples from the list that we will send you in our materials guide. It will help to see the textures and colors of the different material options in person, and paired with the other materials you want.

Once you have finished your design/layout worksheet, we will schedule a design call for you with our team to go over your build. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and hear more about your wants and needs. We will also go through your work sheet in depth- answering any questions and offering clarity on options.

After our call, we will get to work creating a 3D rendering/ video of your design. This process typically takes about 3-4 weeks. Once we send this off, we will work together to fine tune the layout to best fit your vision. We will send a detailed estimate for your project after the design is finalized. Our goal is to have the design and estimate finalized by your reservation date.


Step 4: Production Begins

Let’s get started on your dream build! This is when the magic happens. Once we finalize your design, your first deposit (50% of the build cost) will be due, as well as a signed purchase agreement. After receiving these, we will get started on acquiring materials for your build and creating build plans for our team. Building typically starts 6-8 weeks after we receive the deposit and completed purchase agreement.

You are welcome to hold on to your van until we get closer to build commencement, or have your van delivered to our shop. There are also local storage facilities that will store your van in a secure, monitored location for extra peace of mind- we are happy to facilitate picking your van up from one of these locations prior to the build getting started.

During the build process, you will receive weekly photo updates of your van. An additional 25% deposit will be due once the foundation of the build is wrapped up (up to paneling), and final payment is due before taking your van home.

At the moment, our projects average about 5-8 months from when we receive the initial deposit. We will be able to schedule a pick up date as the project gets closer to completion. We cannot guarantee deadlines as there are many moving parts to these conversions. We want to make sure it’s done right for you, and that you are a happy camper leaving our shop.

When all is said and done, we will send you home with your dream van.

We want you to experience the full FREEDOM of van life. That feeling of comfort when you need a break from skiing, and you have hot chocolate and a warm van waiting for you in the parking lot. Maybe you rest for a minute, and that turns into a power nap before hitting the slopes again. For us, it’s that cold beer and sound system after riding a new bike trail. What does your freedom van look like?

Freedom Vans was founded on the  f r e e d o m  of the off grid lifestyle