Q: When is your next availability for a conversion?

A:  We are usually booked out around 10-14 months for full conversions. We can typically fit in small services within a month.


Q: Do you supply the van?

A: No, but we can recommend Mercedes dealerships in Washington and California that are helpful in the ordering process. We also have a list of recommended features to order or to avoid. 

Q: I just have one/a couple things I was wondering if you guys could help me with.

A: Our single services include windows, solar, fan, diesel heater, and battery power system installs.

Q: Can you work with other types of vans, or just Sprinters, Transits and Promasters?

A: We offer single services on other types of vans but do not do full conversions.


Q: I have an idea for my van but I want to talk to someone about it first and get some help with it.

A: We do not offer consulting services, but if you reserve a production space, we will design a layout for you based on your needs.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Short wheel bases (144 Sprinter or the Short Ford Transit) generally range between $35-75k for a full conversion. Long wheel bases (170 Sprinter or Long/Extended Ford Transit) generally range between $45k-$100k for a full conversion. Phase 1 projects (insulation, paneling, solar power system, bed platform, and lighting) typically cost between $18k-$25k depending on material choices and wheel base.


Q: Do you work with people remotely?

A: Yes, we work for clients from all over the country.


Q: How long does it take for a van conversion?

A: Phase 1, or small conversions, typically take 1-2 months. Full conversions typically take 3-5 months. It all depends on your project.

Q: Do you allow shop visits?

A: We offer hour long group shop visits on the second Friday of every month at 2pm. Email us to make your reservation! We offer private shop visits when you are ready to put down a deposit for a conversion with us.