Author: Carey deVictoria-Michel

Our First Floor Plan!

Well, technically not our first. But, this is the first floor plan available for purchase on the Freedom Vans shop. Those who are taking the D.I.Y. route will find this (pdf format) floor plan packet to be very helpful! Floor Plans  include dimensions of the build, a product list, systems plans and more. If you are super stoked and ready, then you can purchase the plan on our shop. 

This floor plan is a design based off of some crowd favorites, ‘Fitz Roy‘ and ‘Ultimate Base‘. Our crew finished this van in early March, and it hit the road headed south. The van was designed to be discreet on the outside and cozy on the inside. Amusingly named, ‘Witch Van‘, this van will hopefully live up to its name and fly to the most beautiful spots. Our team loves how this build turned out, and it holds many of the features that are ideal for a home on wheels. Let alone the interior design with the awesome Acacia butcher block counter, with white paint and leather cabinet handles. 


Included in the Flood Plans Packet

  • 2D Build plans made by our Design Engineer.
  • Floor plan with dimensions.
  • Water Schematic.
  • Electrical Schematic.
  • Water and electrical layout.
  • Cabinetry dimensions.
  • Roof layout.
  • Parts list for manufactured parts and live links to where to purchase each product. (Does not include a material break down.)
  • Material schedule.
  • Builder notes.
  • Suggestions for modifications for different needs.
  • Photo Gallery. 

Our floor plans are based on the build plans that our team works off of, created for each van conversion by our in-house, Design Engineer. Overall, these build plans are a great way to get dimensions and inspiration for your own project, as well as a general layout of plumbing and electrical. And, you will get the advantage of getting to see how this process works from the perspective of a team of designers and builders. 

Freedom Vans will continue releasing floor plans and build plans in the future, as we are always coming up with new designs in our shop. The idea is to continue pushing the limits of creativity, efficiency and aesthetic of the van conversions. As new builds are completed and designs made, we will continue creating floor plans that will be accessible on our shop. Share your thoughts with us by reaching out on our contact page. 



Our first customer review of the Floor Plan!

“I just downloaded and reviewed the plans, thanks so much for creating and selling these, it is a goldmine of powerful information from the minds of true professionals!”

– @bobsslolife, April 1st, 2021

Empowering D.I.Y. Builders 

Part of the reason that the team here has had a vision for creating floor plans that are available for purchase, are to support those who are looking to build out their own van. D.I.Y. folks have contacted us to ask questions and problem solve. We found the best solution was to create a packet of rich information for others to access and hopefully help them in creating their dream van. 

It has been an exciting adventure creating these tools to help others explore and go off grid. Our team works very hard to create these vans for our clients, and are thrilled to be able to share what we have learned and empower others in their projects. 

Check out the tour of this build with co-owner, Kyleigh.