Author: Carey deVictoria-Michel

Freedom Vans Product Review

Freedom Vans is excited for this product review on a staple of many of our conversions – Battle Born Batteries. Made in the U.S., Battle Born Batteries encompass high end technology in deep cycle lithium ion batteries. The benefits of lithium ion batteries are numerous, and today we will review these. 

At Freedom Vans, we typically choose Battle Born for our lithium powered systems. Our shop and our clients have been happy with the outcome and the investment of these batteries. They meet the needs of our systems powered by solar and often inverted into DC uses for the electrical in vans. Our power systems are built to be off grid, and used to power lights, heaters, ac, kitchen appliances, and televisions. A big advantage is that they are compatible with our solar systems, and solar is a fundamental aspect of van conversions at Freedom Vans. It allows for van owners to adventure off grid in the mountains, desert, or oceanside. 

Overall, when building a power system in vans, you will choose between AGM lead acid and lithium. Each type of battery has its pros and cons. For both AGM and lithium, there are different levels of quality in brands. Freedom Vans has found that Battle Born are well worth their investment. 

We go with the ‘100 Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery’, which runs at around $899. Pricing on lithium batteries can vary greatly, and quality can vary greatly as well. As you read along, we will talk more about the specs of this specific battery below.

Versus AGM Batteries

Freedom Vans has a past article on our blog about the differences between AGM lead acid and lithium ion batteries. This is a helpful resource to refer to in deciding on one over the other. Some advantages of AGM batteries are that they typically have a lower upfront cost and are not affected by temperature. If you were travelling in sub-zero temperatures for a long period of time, an AGM might not be depleted as quickly as a lithium battery. Although, there are low power heaters that can be used on a lithium battery to keep it above freezing temperatures. In the end, AGM can have advantages for the right uses.

Pros of Battle Born Batteries

So, why are Battle Born Batteries a great product? Overall, it is the high quality of technology used in these batteries which make them a dependable product. Some other positives are;

  • Because they are well made, they can last between 10 to 15 years. 
  • They have a 10 year warranty. 
  • They can run through 3000-5000 life cycles and still retain 75-80% of their original powering capacity. 
  • Some lithium batteries in the past might have had issues with overheating, but Battle Born Batteries have virtually no internal resistance and will not have a heat gain or swell. This is a feature that not all lithium batteries have. 
  • These batteries will also output the full amount of power your batteries are rated for, and they provide a very consistent amount of energy. 
  • If you have environmental concerns about batteries then it will be good to hear that Battle Born’s are non-toxic and use the safest lithium chemistry on the market. They also create less waste because they have such a long life span. 
  • These batteries are lightweight and weigh 31 lbs.
  • One last advantage is that these batteries have a built in battery management system, which keeps the battery safe and functioning well. Which means you don’t have to buy a separate battery management system for your battery.  

Advantages in a Van Power System

At Freedom Vans, our power systems run on either AGM batteries or lithium ion batteries. If you have read through the above, then you have probably seen why we go with lithium ion for power systems. Battle Born makes a point to share information on how to efficiently use their batteries in a van’s power system. Also, these systems can also incorporate more batteries to meet greater power needs in a van

Overall, these batteries fit well with the needs of our systems because they have a long lifespan, their advanced technology and stable energy output, and their lightweight advantage. Take a look at the Battle Born Batteries resources on their website to learn more about van power systems. There are many other brands to choose from when finding a battery for your needs. Simply put, at Freedom Vans we have found that Battle Born Batteries meet the needs of our van conversions. 

Check Out Our Floor Plans!

If you are building or looking to build out your own camper van, then take a look at Freedom Vans’ floor plans available on our shop as downloadable PDFs. There are two floor plans of our past conversion currently available, both of which use Battle Born Batteries for their power systems. These floor plans provide diagrams of power systems, a list of the products used, and dimensions for layout of that system. Take a peek!