Bellingham Commercial Night Market Van conversion rally

We had a fantastic time mingling with the Bellingham community at the Commercial Street Night Market Van Rally! This market was graciously planned and executed by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. We wanted to create a space for van dwellers to open up their crafted homes for the curious community to peer inside. In short, it was a perfect celebration for the culture of van life, something that FreedomVans lovingly supports. Over the spread of one block down Commercial Avenue, van owners showed us that there are endless permutations for interior van designs. The whole team was there to celebrate the joys of living free with others, ready to answer any questions or just chat about hitting the road for adventures.

It was the debut of our most recently completed (well, almost) van build for clients from Seattle, fresh off the press and equipped with so many new features to play with. All of its components were crafted with the client’s comforts and needs in mind. We debuted the completed outdoor shower, drop-down flat-screen television monitor, manual awning, light switches that one would access from both the front and back of the van, and a removable bed platform. When you’re working hard, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and appreciate the amount of love you put into a project. Now put on display, it gave a relaxed space for our team to admire the full spectrum of detail and labor put into this van. More so, we were really excited to meet all those that peeked into our work, even for just a second.



Debut of our customized overhead cabinet!


The FreedomVans team also brought their personal vans. Tom and Kyleigh brought their van home of two years, full with mountain bikes and shop tools. We wanted to show a fully loved and utilized van to Bellingham, the one that really inspired the genesis of FreedomVans. Ken also brought his converted Ford E-250, the central piece of his van being a foldable bed constructed from a beautifully refurbished coffee table. By the end of the night, we were all glowing with smiles, happy to share all three vans, beers, and dance moves with the community! Thanks for the space to share creative thought. We look forward to the next van rally!


To see the completed van, check it out in our Projects