Welcome to our latest build- a demo van set up for bike races and events. Lots of new features in this van, including folding shelves, underfloor storage, and a partition wall with a sliding door. The wall panels are 1/4″ plywood with a polyurethane-based boat paint finish. The finish waterproofs the wall panels, making them easy to clean after a muddy bike demo. The wood floor is also finished with a high-end polyurethane, making it easy to wipe down dirty tire marks and more.

The front cabin area features overhead cabinets, battery monitoring screens, LED ceiling lights, power outlets (lots of power outlets), and durable coin-grip rubber flooring.

Color-matched overhead cabinets custom built to fit the cabin space.

Custom headliner shelf with extra padding on the bottom and a curved edge to avoid any head bumps.

The sliding door in the partition wall allows you to easily access the storage area. The vent allows for air flow to circulate through out the van when the fan is open in the back. Now, let’s walk into the back.

The 10ft storage space includes folding shelves and underfloor storage with hinged, flip tops for easy access.

The underfloor storage features 10 feet in length of space, where things can be slid into place from the back of the van. Rubber floor mats keep items from sliding around.

A bottle opener is key for any bike event. (Now you know who to go to.)

The shelves conveniently fold up and out of the way, easily latched into place.

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