An Outsider’s Perspective to Tom’s Work

Three months. Countless hours. And one GIANT vision for one tiny space.

Over the last three months, there have been many nights that I have turned over in bed late at night to find the other side empty. Tom had a thought, got out of bed, and would be in the living room researching and planning for the “HOME” build. This is a man that doesn’t just jump in and work on something. He contemplates everything. Every system. Every product. Every inch.

And the result is miraculous.

I guess I should be a little bit more patient with him in hardware stores, because this man’s attention to detail is what makes his work unique- and priceless.

There were a lot of firsts on this build. There always are. Every customer uses his or her space differently, and therefore they deserve something that is customized to their needs and desires.

In the planning stages, Tom engages in many phone calls and emails with his clients to understand exactly what they want in their build. After spending a few years living out of his vans, and even his truck at one point, he offers a knowledgable perspective on the necessities of tiny living. He is also a great person to bounce ideas off of or to ask about what to expect with van life.

Happy travels!