Wyoming Mercedes-Benz Metris Custom Van Conversion
Wyoming’s Mercedes-Benz Metris Conversion summary:

FreeomVans helped build out a client’s Mercedes-Benz Metris with a customized bed platform that would help her optimize what little space she had. Her goal was to live on the road with her new puppy and to explore comfortably for as long as she could. Over two weeks, we helped her build and customize the space-efficient rustic cabin that she had envisioned.

Installed features:

  • Bed platform
  • Two 2′ pull-out drawers with dividers
  • Classic gray stain
  • Portable toilet cabinet
  • Kitchen galley with flip top
  • Custom cabinet with lid and access to shore power/power plug
  • Added felt to roof headliner
  • 4″ firm memory foam mattress
  • **Curtains not sewn by FreedomVans**