Captain Joyner’s Ford Transit Van Conversion summary:

The team finished their build for a client who wanted a woodsy camper van to visit their family in Idaho. If you’re going to drive some 14 hours to see family, you might as well turn it into a ski adventure, right?

The Joyners asked us to only build Phase 1 of the Freedom Van process into their van, but we still strived to add a personal touch. We installed fabric into the ceiling, added maple interior panelling, insulated the van, and built  a custom battery tray to fit a 100 amp battery into their compartment. We also built the foundation in their van for a solar power setup, added a roof rack, bolted in a ladder, and prepared the overall van for a possible puppy. In the ceiling panel, we installed soft LED lights, a departure from the harsher and whiter LED lights we had been installing in the past. These softer lights add a warmer tone to the van’s atmosphere, creating an intimate setting amongst the maple panels.

Installed features:

  • Solar power system
  • 400 amp hour auxillary battery system
  • Max Fans
  • 100 amp hour AGM battery
  • Chrome bezel reading lights
  • Tweed wrapped ceiling panel
  • Passenger swivel base
  • 8 indoor fuse lights
  • Side mounting rails for bed platform
  • Finished maple wall paneling
  • 12 x 36 slider windows
  • Aluminess Roof Rack
  • Fiamma manual awning
  • Side mount ladder
  • Diesel air heater
  • Driver and passenger swivel base seats
  • Custom battery tray for engine compartment