‘Ultimate Base’ Floor Plan

Full Conversion in a Sprinter 170″

Floor Plan for ‘Ultimate Base’, Weekend Warrior

Freedom Vans is happy to release our floor plan of ‘Ultimate Base’ available for those working on their own van conversions. The floor plan is a downloadable PDF which you can reference as you work on your van. The ‘Ultimate Base’ van conversion was completed in our shop in December 2020. The floor plan can be viewed on your computer, phone, or in a printed format. There are live links in the PDF for product references, and images which you can zoom in and get detailed perspectives. This product is meant to inspire and inform by giving others access to our dimensions, product lists, systems lay-out, and builder notes.

Features of this build:

  • Full bathroom/indoor wet room/outdoor shower.
  • Dedicated bed space.
  • Large kitchen.
  • Garage space with two slide-out bike trays.
  • A modular dining/lounge/guest bed area.
  • Ample storage on the interior.
  • AC and heater unit.

Price: $69.00

Full Conversion / Weekend Warrior - Sprinter 170" 4x4 - Built in Winter 2020 - Named 'Ultimate Base'

The design inspiration for ‘Ultimate Base’ is modeled off a popular build called,  'Fitz Roy'. This conversion was designed for a couple who use their van for hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, and ‘bourbon discovery’. It has all the features of a tiny home while on the road. It includes a full bathroom, large bed, kitchen, modular dining/lounge/guest bed area, heater and AC unit, and a large garage. The material and paint selection give it a sleek interior look with dark blue and grey tones. 

Our floor plans are based on the build plans that our team works off of, created for each van conversion by our in-house, Design Engineer. Overall, these build plans are a great way to get dimensions and inspiration for your own project, as well as a general layout of plumbing and electrical. And, you will get the advantage of getting to see how this process works from the perspective of a team of designers and builders. As you step into this adventure, we would like to note that these plans will not teach you how to build your own van, wire your electrical system, or plumb your water system.* This floor plan does not include consultation or customer service, and Freedom Vans does not offer consultation services at this time.* More so, this floor plan will be a source to help you navigate the big endeavor of van conversions. 

Included in these plans:

  • 2D Build plans made by our Design Engineer.
  • Floor plan with dimensions.
  • Water Schematic.
  • Electrical Schematic.
  • Water and electrical layout.
  • General cabinetry dimensions.
  • Roof layout.
  • Parts list for manufactured parts (does not include a material break down).
  • Material schedule.
  • Builder notes.
  • Suggestions for modifications for different needs.

*Floor plan dimensions are measured in inches.

Please see our project gallery for more features and photos of the ‘Ultimate Base’.