‘Fiddy’ Floor Plan

Full Conversion in a Sprinter 144″

Floor Plan for ‘Fiddy’, Weekend Warrior

Here is our newest van conversion floor plan in a Sprinter 144″. After purchasing your floor plan you can expect to receive an email with your download link. This Freedom Vans floor plan is meant to inspire and inform by giving others access to our dimensions, product lists, systems lay-out, and builder notes.

Features of this build:

  • Dedicated bed space.
  • Large kitchen with modular, extended counter space.
  • Garage space accommodating bikes and ski gear.
  • A modular dining and lounge space.
  • Ample storage on the interior.
  • AC and heater unit.

Price: $79.50

Full Conversion / Weekend Warrior - Sprinter 144" 4x4 - Built in Spring 2021 - Named 'Fiddy'

View the build’s project page HERE.

This Sprinter 144” conversion has a space efficient design with a comfortable interior kitchen and dining area. The build includes a full kitchen, dinette, a hideaway toilet, comfortable bed space, and garage for gear storage. This conversion was done in a 144” wheel base, which is shorter than our typical 170” vans. This is a helpful resource for those looking to convert a shorter van and to reference design features that optimize space. 

Fiddywas named as a celebration of the owners who turned 50 during the creation of their van conversion! This tasteful and light conversion features a kitchen with counter extension, comfortable dining area, and efficient garage storage. The generous kitchen space has multiple flip-up counters made of butcher block maple, and features tile backsplash behind a farm style sink.

Our floor plans are based on the build plans that our team works off of, created for each van conversion by our in-house Design Engineer. Overall, these build plans are a great way to get dimensions and inspiration for your own project, as well as a general layout of plumbing and electrical. And, you will get the advantage of getting to see how this process works from the perspective of a team of designers and builders. As you step into this adventure, we would like to note that these plans will not teach you how to build your own van, wire your electrical system, or plumb your water system.* This floor plan does not include consultation or customer service, and Freedom Vans does not offer consultation services at this time.* More so, this floor plan will be a source to help you navigate the big endeavor of van conversions. 

Included in these plans:
  • 2D Build plans made by our Design Engineer.
  • Floor plan with dimensions.
  • Water Schematic.
  • Electrical Schematic.
  • Water and electrical layout.
  • Cabinetry dimensions.
  • Roof layout.
  • Parts list for manufactured parts (does not include a material breakdown).
  • Material schedule.
  • Builder notes.
  • Suggestions for modifications for different needs.

*Floor plan dimensions are measured in inches.

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Please see our project gallery for more features and photos of the ‘Fiddy’.